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“Fuego, Fuego” is the hook that will remain on your mind during and after listening to Rey Macc’s new song “Fuego”. The Singer, rapper, producer and co founder of Trendsetters Africa has unleashed the bouncy and boasty beast he has been teasing for weeks.

“Fuego” explores his love for the grind for he says “I gotta eat” a notion of money over fame and the like. Rey being one of the gifted artists (insert producers) who have crafted dope work, this new project proves his increasing growth. He also takes time on to comment on some kinky things and boast about his team – “they don’t do it like us” he remarks.

Rey Macc weaves trap drum patterns, synths and production tricks on this new heat , which undoubtedly will sting and catch on as one of those memorable tracks. It’s on a bpm he rarely operates on if you remember Feed Back EP. It’s like a workout song, party and shake that body kind of song as the drums hit instantly.

Here is a new project you can listen to while at the gym or looking to node your head.

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