Finally AirporTaxi music comes to most streaming services

Finally AirporTaxi music comes to most streaming services

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The 2010’s were hot AirporTaxi were making waves having won the Talent Africa Urban Star Search. The trio  was made up of Llyboc, Tucker HD and Martha Smallz. As part of their triumph they had a recording contract and other offers. This was a hot Urban multi talented trio that inspired many new wave artistes from the 2010s.

AiporTaxi at the time was looked at as Uganda’s Zone Farm (Zambia), or Camp Mulla (Kenya) – they were a promising trio. Over the years both Tucker and Llyboc released solo projects such as Tucker Tuesday Compilations, High Definition and Prior To Lift Off respectively. It’s until recent that Martha Smallz released her debut EP Moonlight.

As a group, they released memorable songs like 808’s and Heart Breaks, So African, AirporTaxi Party and other which make up the currently released compilation.

By around 2016i-ish it was clear Llyboc has left the group citing  red tape and underappreciation.

Currently the group is only made up of Tucker and Martha Smallz. 

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