‘Jinja Bred’ release party in a nut shell: Yay and Nay

‘Jinja Bred’ release party in a nut shell: Yay and Nay

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Jinja Bred out! Shout out Play01 for braving this and it got done – Milestone! Lots of effort were put in to have the party set and going last night (5th October). One can’t help but think of the studio sessions, production, mixing and mastering. Event planning and all it takes to put together an event.

Sorry the title lied, this is a long recap of Jinja Bred release party, let’s go on:

Yesterday was a night that was meant to have fans of hip hop, of Play01, of those artists he has worked with and of those hoping to take notes at the event (which was highly hyped for a week).  To get the experience of a Jinja bred rapper and to celebrate the outcome (the Jinja bread).

Early arrivals were made by his close circle and friends as early as 7:30pm. The time scheduled for the event was 8pm and majority came around 8:30pm. In between the time 8:00pm – 8:43pm it was painfully difficult to realise whether a hip hop themed event was bound to happen besides the arrival of a number of hip hop acts. Tucker, J Watts, Santana, Shemy B, AJO, Cleo The Sphynx, KSL, Pryce Teeba, Habo, Chaotic Major and others were all present.

The first hip hop song played at exactly 8:43 pm to signal that the event was bound to begin.  Hate Me now  – by Nas started the event’s hip hop vibe.

Play01 and Santana during the closing freestyle session. (Courtesy)

Renown hip hop journalists Mckenzie  and Byg Kahuna graced the event. The beauty of Jinja Bred release attracted friends of Play01. It was more like those who so him grow closely were witnessing that leap and so did his fans connect in that style.

At about 9:00pm KSL performed first his Kafulu track and Dope.


The marketing strategy prior to the event was ideal. The image created for him on various media in a period of one week managed to attract a certain number of people.

The move to have a hip hop DJs present (Slaughter Elly & Tha Dropout). Ever gone to a hip hop event and the DJ can’t satisfy that feeling.

Having a huge circle of people (friends, associates, influencer(s)) on your side or as priority paid off. A  couple of them turned up making almost the biggest number of people present.

The night in itself was humbling to know a hip hop event could  happen on a Thursday.

And hey Daniel Omara had more audible bars than  most of the rappers who free styled. It was awesome that the MC could Emcee and also was aware.

Daniel Omara,  Courtesy photo by @TheAldoGuy

The NAY.

Sound oh sound! The listening party suffered from this. The sound was 10% short from 100. It was unclear why but even when Agee was free styling she sounded like a mumbler (may be the instrumental was too loud or her mic – or fright who knows).

A listening party needs some listening right then you can buzz about the tracks. The first three tracks played and  Ova and Kachumabali, as track one and the rest that followed were at least listened to and Play01 spoke about the inspiration behind that was okay. The rest of the tracks didn’t seem to fit the listening slot. Too much speech between the tracks. Could have been a marketing strategy. In other words it was a successful release party not listening party.

The Mith forgetting his lines or to low to spit them only God knows. Likely the fans who came through came because they are The Mith’s fans who loved to see him around. The Mith turned into a comedian rather than a rapper (we appreciate). More was expected though!

Few females were involved and so femcees showed or rather there is something wrong.  Byg Kahuna shouldn’t have dared or thrown the ball for a freestyle session to happen. That was the most erring moment. Funny an RNB artist Cosign was claiming to wrap for rappers (rap for rappers). There are hungry rappers but when something is not planned to happen won’t happen well.

Besides the marketing strategy being on a  lituated (lit + situated) state –  if the word exists – the hype beast can be a misleading feat. If Mr. Jacob had spread the word two to three  months ago may be the numbers would have been higher. If you asked how many came around the number isn’t beyond 80. The fan base will grow in due time. It is likely the turn up expected was uncertain.

Back to the sound issue: Agee certainly had the worst freestyle session of her life; the beat had to be lowered down for her to be audible hence sounded like  a mumbler for the first 10 seconds.


More hip hop music is out every month and a hip hop night takes long to acknowledge that – is sad.

Listen to Jinja Bred bonus track:

But hey…

Not many rappers have had a listening party for their projects and as Mckenzie suggested last night why don’t we have a night like that again every month for a different artist? And honestly I want to leave the same question to you. And this article is meant to point out issues that we need to avoid at hip hop events.

Next time better and the first time is always difficult until then we shall know whether Play01 has a dwindling fan base or hype beast impression.  As one of the most underrated and yet highly gifted hip hop acts of his generation;  more is still needed to choke down many throats with his craft. Hopefully Jinja Bred will grow him a bigger traction.

And Mckenzie’s question again:  why don’t we have a night like that (Jinja Bred release) again every month for a different artist?

If you attended tell us below what was your favourite moments?

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