Kijanah Nkikoze

Nkikoze is Emsi (MC) Kijanah’s latest single produced at Portbell Drive by Nase Avatar. Kijanah is apparently a Portbell Drive Music artist who raps eloquently in Luganda. On Nkikoze he is prophesying and celebrating his accomplishments hence the luganda word : Nkikoze and he raps Kijanah Nkikoze!

Kijanah is my stage name and Locolo Emanuel is my real name,I basically do hip hop music .

Besides rapping, he does art paintings,street art and graphics; in away he practices other elements of hip hop.His  Nkikoze track is filled with braggadocio and positive energy, which  sets Kijanah apart. His rapping style that is so organic will definitely put him on many peoples’ playlists.

Download / listen to his latest single Nkikoze:


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