Audio Alert: Dagg Mizzo teams up with Mal X on ‘Kristo Light’

Audio Alert: Dagg Mizzo teams up with Mal X on ‘Kristo Light’

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Kristo Light  is  DaggMizzo’s follow up single on his forthcoming full length project Soul With it. On this one he features incredible talent  Mal-X.   Kristo which loosely translates to  “Christ” is a collaborative effort that see’s Dagg having his production skills once again put to work.

The inner message of the  song is having faith and spreading the Christ light which is The Gospel of Christ Himself and bringing peace to heart and mind whomever and wherever you are. Dagg Mizzo is part of the Hidden Empire outfit that has constantly been the shakers of positive and Christian Rap in the land.

Kristo Light is an amazing send off on this track and highly acapella fronted done the usual synths, bass and drum style that Dagg has always had have a domineering effect.  This allows the vocal and yet poetic Mal to come through over them. It is so far a great taste of whats a head – all that Dagg Mizzo is offering.

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