Premiere: Pryce Teeba’s “Level Ndala” is a “keep the party going” track and a cousin to”Ccupa”

Premiere: Pryce Teeba’s “Level Ndala” is a “keep the party going” track and a cousin to”Ccupa”

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You gotta love 2018, the actual future we dreamt of in 2008.

Pryce Teeba likened himself to John Wick and then Neo from the Matrix films on his previously released single, “Playlist”. Only film fans deciphered the reference to American actor, Keanu Reeves – Pryce surely knows how to enjoy his songs as does on this new track.

“Level Ndala” is a follow up single to “Playlist” as we wait for the long awaited Kash Crop Mixtape. If you remember “Ccupa”, thematically “Level Ndala” is a cousin song.

On “Level Ndala” he returns with a party, get lifted, or stoners athem. The track documents the urge that one gets to reach a certain state of ecstasy while pushing down toxic content down your system or when the party is fly and you just need to keep going.

The track is delivered in two phases; before the high and after the high while Pryce raps and sings the catchy “Level Ndala”. Unlike Enygma who would go to club to drink a whole bowl of juice, “Level Ndala” is created for those who request for more than Go Loco for Coco type drinks.

Baru and Sliq Teq worked on the track’s production. It has been long since we had Sliq Teq in the credits for Pryce Teeba’s tracks, one wonders if the two squashed the supposed bad blood.

Download “Level Ndala” below:

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