Listen to Ghetto Updgrade’s debut “Ether” – its remarkable

Listen to Ghetto Updgrade’s debut “Ether” – its remarkable

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Ghetto Upgrade for a long while has been putting out singles and features, teasing here and there forthcoming projects. The young rapper is also a producer and singer too and on this project he taps into all his abilities.

According to the Youtube description to Ether it is a compilation that is aimed at showcasing Upgrade’s talent in all areas.

Ether represents minds greater than just the ‘sky is the limit’ it is a powerful project for me. It drops when people have said I wasn’t a good rapper and I still rap, I was told I can never sing and now I do exactly that, they said I will give up being a Creative and here I am I quit my job to become a full time Creative.

Ghettos Upgrade

It is the beginning for him. Stream Ether below:

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