Listen to high energy “Like to Party” – Eli Litman feat. Omani Reign, CDAVE Honcho and Kavali King

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Eli Litman last year excited us with the narrative “Phiona” and other projects. As a budding rapper, singer and creative he is consistently creating music to cater for his fans and potential ones.

“Like to Party” is his latest single featuring Omani Reign, Kavali and CDAVE Honcho. According to Eli “Like to Party” is off his forthcoming mixtape FUTURE HISTORY.
He also says it will be highly collaborative…. because I feel like it’s time for us the young urban artists to come together and get heard with a unified voice as well as bring our different crowds or audience together. The project has 10 songs and over 10 artists with a new artist on each song.

“Like to Party” is true to the party, the nonstop and all high up rave. A blend of afro inspired drums, trap dance and EDM influences fill LTP. The sound is provocative as are the lyrics inviting you to “.. shake your bum bum..”.

Stream “Like to Party” here



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