‘Mask On’, new Enygma track in a longtime

‘Mask On’, new Enygma track in a longtime

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Mask On is likely the official come back by the Masked Man aka Enygma and an extra aka, Ayayayay. It’s not like he had announced a break – for a fact we know he has been off the recording grid for a while – about a year.

Mask On just like  any Enygma track is  coded if you miss the sound patterns – E, is always about the ear before groove.

A person said, have you found your purpose yet?/
Purpose yet, have you found your purpose yet?/
Rep the set, I gotta represent/
Chasing cheques, never chasing sex/

As we were cooking heads over here, we noticed the break Enygma had taken included observing the game (local and beyond).

He definitely  also took the mask off and watched Game of Thrones or rather penned pre/post watching it.

Here is lyric proof or not:

I’m back, spittin’ at Yego, the Masked Murderer/
I’m like Arya Stark brandishing a Kalashnikov/

But now the mask is on and basing on the ID3 Tags attached to the file we received, Mask On is likely off a mixtape called Mask King Tape. Mask On is about finding purpose and getting to walk just like wearing safety ware before you work.

Let us welcome the Masked man once again as he hopes to bring back the UG Rap Golden era which;  he spits about  on the track below:

[sdm_download id=”4774″ fancy=”1″]


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