New Music: “Edutain No Entertain” by JK LUBANTO & KIM C

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JK Lubanto and Kim C have teamed up to Edutain us with their brand new “Edutain No Entertain”. It is inspired by the COVID19 situation in the country. Kim C makes deep vocal impression similar to the late Radio and JK Lubanto delivers raps.

The pandemic threat pushed H.E President Museveni to issue a country wide lockdown for 14 day and this has taken a toll on so many people and their businesses. The lock down has likely enabled most artists to tap into their creative muscle and are busy creating. JK and Kim are prove this.

We are not certain how the sessions happened given the limit on transportation. This track is a call for all artists to make an effort to sensitive masses as they entertain them.

stream song below:

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