NEW MUSIC: Ki Ekigenda Mumaso – Brooks Aftermathematics ft MMP

NEW MUSIC: Ki Ekigenda Mumaso – Brooks Aftermathematics ft MMP

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Ki Ekigenda Mumaso is Brooks Aftermathematics new song on which he features  MMP.  The song is produced by Nase at PortBell Drive. Brooks is a budding rapper according to The Tribe UG is apparently working on an Album; Genesis. Ki Ekigenda Mumaso is his first single off it.   The track title is a Luganda phrase that loosely translates to Whats going on? And you guessed right this track is a rhetoric to what is going in the country and these two rappers environments.

Funny how you haile up the money/

When yo don’t wanna work for this sh*t  – Brooks

Ki Ekigenda Mumaso is 3 3 minutes of knowledge from the two rappers as represent Flow Dynasty. Brooks Solely delivers in English with a few switches to Luganda and MMP raps in Luganda with few English references.. If you looking for anthem to empower you on a daily this track is filled with motivation backed by observation. The two budding rappers with this track aim at empowerment as yet one of the social progress channels through hip hop.

Ki Ekigenda Mumaso

Omuvubaka okwekwasa obutayagala kola MMP

New to the scene but highly calculative an have replay effect with Ki Ekigenda Mumaso. Nase definitely gives the song a soulful hip hop touch and surprisingly samples/ uses a popular soundtrack sonic  from the Netflix series The Life of Pablo.   If we revisit the song’s cover art it says a lot about the track: they observe(d) the status quo and through light braggadocio hope to reshape and shake it.

Issues like working hard, self empowerment, ambition are raised here and shunning lazy youth, wack rappers and more… If was politics this could be an impressive political statement we need right now.

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