On new track “Dear Hip Hop” GNL Zamba tells a short Hip Hop story, his come up, love & more

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GNL Zamba aka the Legend of Zamba Ernest Nsimbi has released the retrospective “Dear Hip Hop” produced by Baru. On the track he talks about his love for Hip Hop, what the culture has done for him and how he came up.

“Dear Hip Hop” is a laid back joint on which Zamba takes time to tell his journey and a short story of hip hop in Uganda from Ibraw, Kwesto, Sylvester and Abramz, to Babaluku, Navio, Lyrical G, Lady Slyke, Milka up to GNL and Mulekwa (RIP) – and how Lumix helped spread hip hop in Ntinda. It’s a story many young lovers of hip hop haven’t really heard. He tells it from his point of view.

GNL goes a head to confirm his accomplishments on the track and his feelings about the current state of hip hop. It is nostalgic, it’s heart felt. He equally addresses the issue of his wife Tamara Nsimbi. Comments on what his fans have always requested – annual shows and projects.

We heard Zamba is working on album until then:

Listen or watch GNL express his love for Hip Hop.



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