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There is strength in numbers – EGO brings exactly that clearly from the different features that cut across, Dancehall, Afro percussion/beats, reggae, experimental Afro-House, Lingala and almost trap vibes defining a genre unlimited soundscape. EGO is the first musical album offering from the Krackbone owned Ace Plug Entertainment (APE). The hour long and heavily fused album subtly tells a story of the blinds that one’s ego can create: failure, missed opportunities, hate and retardation amongst many.

Krackbone’s presence as executive producer is felt on the project and as an artist contributing to song intros, verses. Since it’s also an opportunity for his Label/Company to show and push it’s presence you will be reminded of “Ace Plug Entertainment …” From seemingly an eight year old. It’s memorable.


This is a one listen review of EGO.

The album that opens with the vibrant voice of Bema on the title track “EGO” immediately sets the standard and canvas on which the rest of the songs will rest. “Keep talking” which is the last track creates a sort of closing bracket as Lyrical G, Lethal and others come with bravado and truth as if saying for those who have their egos shall be left behind.

The album in itself is a change of mindset. It’s less hip hop (not that it isn’t) with different sound influences and maintaining rap as one of the mediums of delivery – that is to say at the core is rap over other African sounds from East Africa, South Africa and beyond – with the reggae vibes that punctuate this album as they bring that mellow. Songs like “B.A.D”, “Too Much” which were earlier on released as singles speak on social issues like perspective men have of women and traffic jam respectively.

From Luganda, Lunyoro, Lusoga, English, Swahili (see Kata), French you can tell the album aims at capturing the Ugandan reality, and then Africa. We might not fail to describe the Ugandan music sound – atleast for now.

You can feel that egos where put aside while making this album as no rapper or features artist seems to be in competition, they all assist each other with compatible hooks, verses and even clever adlib lines from Kracbone. For example the way Sliq Teq and B Styles go back to back synchronously.

EGO is Ugandan and African at large, a goal well achieved. The intention to speak inspiration, empowerment, hard work (listen to “Okikola Otya”) love (“Mpenzi”), self esteem and more from an Afro-centric point of view, entertaining, and uplifting (see “Today”).

After my first listen, I had to re-listen to understand the calculated choices of beats and arrangements. The up side of EGO is that it offers room for novelty, discovery in sound experimentation especially for the hip hop artists for instance “Too Much” feat. Byg Kahuna, Santana, LS Andre, B Styles and other tracks.

Yes there are more rappers on the album however you should know it is entirely inclusive for all music fans. It lives up to the Afro Fusion Hip Hop album Krackbone promised.

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