REVIEW: Game Over – Brian Wade | the Culture Needs This

REVIEW: Game Over – Brian Wade | the Culture Needs This

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Game Over is the latest offering from Brian Wade after yet other releases he has dropped; like Now and What I Do. Wade has been silent for a while, and we certainly know why- he has been re-branding or restructuring his sound.

The Christian rapper he is enjoys his time on Game Over– trust it is a whole lesson/ lecture on the ailments of hip hop not just locally here alone. Surprisingly he relies on a highly trap sound Unique to mobbing- don’t get twisted– he delivers highly and defies the negative vibe towards the sub-genre.

Game Over, is a sound that the culture needs right now. Wade artistically uses the popularized sound, cliché sounds and the beat to poke you! A stream of consciousness surrounds this track. You see hip hop has always been stereotyped to be the culture/genre that glorifies; flash (bling, chains and the like), popping bottles, violence, gangs, misogyny, drugs and explicit content (sex and nudity) to name but a few. This track re-purposes the conversation in rhetoric- do you think that’s what every rapper is about? Is it what we need now?

Hip Hop is dead? – Wrong Statement! / Is it alive, I am alive! /I keep it clean/

Wade has certainly had self-esteem pervade this track; Psalms 32 got him in the zone. So apparently to flash (fake talk) most rappers spit this joint aims at gaming it over. And if you thought hip hop is dead- according to Wade- that’s a wrong statement. The radio should be afraid (they need to switch things up or else held hostage), our women need to be respected, stop the stereo types and man why rap about what you likely don’t have.

Jewels, chains don’t make me a rapper!

Wade is very conscious of the rap generation that wants to be more famous than rich. And Rich for; skill, content, value addition and realism. On this one he incorporates melody in the hook just to give balance; entertain and educate. This is a lesson all young rappers and stray ones need not miss. Thumbs up Wade!

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