“The Switch” – Toki-O feat. Ceee is a meditation hit

“The Switch” – Toki-O feat. Ceee is a meditation hit

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Tempo Music is busy! “The Switch” is the latest production from Ledra, on which Toki-O raps featuring a Ugandan singer based in Hungary, Ceee. They say they rather be the switch if you are the plug

The low-fi song is a statement from Toki-O as he drops his prophecies, and talks of how he is 22 and feels like he is 20 twice. Ceee compliments the message of a switch – they want to let loose and spazz on the mic, they want to change the game or at least give it their best. You can’t ignore the fact that you should listen and reflect on what the two artists are saying.

The Do It Like Ledra feel is allover the beat and you notice a switch towards the second verse.

“The Switch” is about an artist sticking to the music, making their Mark and not scared to reinvent because of the belief in music as they put in the work – aka high self esteem! This is the type of song you listen to work and back, before you sleep, while grinding and if your spirit is low while you hope it all works out – it’s a meditation hit, it’s deep. It’s control of your own narrative.

“Can’t you tell I ran the shit?” Is the question you will have to reflect on.

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