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I was busy minding my business and the phrase “dig deeper” came to thought. I thought about how it has been a while since I last used my digital ink to talk UG Hip Hop. When was the last time I created a playlist based off new tracks? I personally don’t recall. But I so much want to do that. With Kavali King having an impressive visual, Tucker and Benny Black (well now Blixxack) have “Chai” out – is the year ending with few releases? I think Pryce Teeba has had more releases this year. Have you got any of his projects.

How many albums and EP (if you call it a mixtape we will have longer conversation)  – okay mixtapes and singles drop a year? Serious I need to do these calculations! Do you get all of them in your favourite music player? Does it matter to do so?

The popular songs on the radio tend to define a genre but they are not all a genre can offer. When I started out this full time writing thing, I became a scholar, a curator and a knowledgeable chap in this thing called UG Hip hop. I used to dig deep and deeper for American Hip hop because it was my first introduction to rap.

The day I convince myself  that I should say or know something about UG Hip hop is when I found myself actually developing more love and interest only when I looked for this music. Facebook groups played a big role in the social era.

I think you are waiting for the direction of this piece, and yes it is simple: to enjoy more Ugandan Hip hop you need to look for it. Dig deeper online: Online platforms like Reverbnation, Audiomack, YouTube, NuveyLive have each a percentage of this thing called UG Hip hop. Even a google search like SRAP’s new album Certitude

This is my reassurance note, I want to enjoy UG Hip hop and I need to hear the unheard. Drop links here or to the nuveylive @ 

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