PRESS: All You need to Know about Therapeutic Purpose of Poetry & Music Event

PRESS: All You need to Know about Therapeutic Purpose of Poetry & Music Event

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Often times the perspective of what poetry, music and literature can do is limited to aesthetic and entertainment sake. It is is not a bad thing, and in fact you tune in to staff that interest you. We for a while most of you were wondering what Therapeutic Purpose of Poetry and Music Event is about? And others were wondering what #TPPM is? It is the abbreviation actually to the event.  At our core; mental health and soliciting for support to develop a creative space for artists and consumers to use.

TPPM’s first edition will be a tea talk at the Makerere Art Gallery on 1st April and tickets will be available next week, contact us early for a booking.

According to Ayella Robert Nuveyshawn founder NuveyLive;  “We hope to share this platform, event and cause to the nation. Many people don’t use drug substance but are not sober. We believe that being sober doesn’t only mean being conscious without taking drug substances. We strongly believe having a stress free mind, depression free and kicking suicidal thoughts is yet another form of being sober. Art can help achieve this.”

Definitely sobriety is also empahsised in this campaign. In detail these are the aims of TPPM;

Aims of the Therapeutic Purpose of Poetry and Music Tea Talk.

  1.  Promoting mental health through music and poetry. It is said when persons share and write about their experiences they tend to release depressing events. Besides experiencing another person’s pain might force us into empathy and acknowledging we might not be alone after all.
  2.  More still, instead of surrendering it to destructive drugs and tendencies; time spent doing fun things like writing poetry, music or simply listening to it helps one keep sober.
  3.  Emphasizing mental sobriety. Sober doesn’t mean only being off alcoholic or toxic substance. It includes being depression, stress and trauma free.
  4.  We are interested in creating a Creative space for artists and consumers of these art forms. We hope to create an Open Access Space, you simply walk in create art, consume art and walk back freely as part of free therapy sessions.
  5.  Involvement of people of all walks of life and with knowledge to share. Your attendance contributes to all the work
  6.  For teachers who play a councilor role in school, we wish to have you get in touch with us, discuss how to use poetry and music to tap into a child’s problematic world.
  7.  We encourage fun at the end of the day alongside therapy; it doesn’t have to be explicitly shown to victims. So we want to share information and experiences on how tos of poetry and music as therapy.

On 1st April, the Tea Talk will be filled with performances from poets, story tellers and rappers, Film Screening and discussions on the theme: What makes Poetry and Music Therapy?

This event  is a partnership between NuveyLive, Makerere University Literature Association, SobrietyLine, Kelele At Makerere and others to be mentioned.
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