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Welcome to the Official And First Ugandan Online Hip Hop, Spoken word and Poetry  Radio and Blog

NuveyLive is a media consult and initiative that is dedicated to Exploring Uganda’s Hip Hop, Poetry, Spoken word, and other related genres and Arts and their relevancy to a Ugandan Society. There fore documenting them through the blog and Online radio or podcast.

NuveyLive.org / NuveyLIVE Media is a website that is dedicated to Exploring Uganda’s Hip Hop, Poetry, Spoken word, and other related genres and Arts and their relevancy to a Ugandan Society through blogging, podcasting, social media awareness and other initiatives. Our content is intended to entertain and educate Ugandans about the Creative arts listed above and how they can promote a united society. Through the different content features we strive to promote works that are made by Ugandans and push them to a global level.
This initiative came to existence due to the passion Ayella ‘NuveySHAWN’ Robert-Founder of NuveyLIVE, had for Poetry and Hip Hop. Being an active Poet and Hip Hop artist in the country he hoped to connect and link Ugandans interested in Poetry, Hip Hop, Spoken Word and Creative arts(writing and More) together and especially the Younger Generation so as:


  • • To provide a platform for them to make their works online positively
    • To share thoughts and ideas on how to make the Genre/ Feat acceptable country wide.
    • To educate and entertain the nation.
    • To promote relevant content and guide the Artists to take the right paths.
    • To create a network of artist that is strong enough to unite them, in varies genres they may participate in.
    • And thus make a recommendable Go-To, Platform for Ugandan Artists(All those associated with Hip Hop, Poetry, And other arts relating to it)
  • The absence of a platform in it self like what NuveyLIVE is also was part of inspiration especially towards creating a platform that appreciates and can provide the desired content.
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The Website has a dedicated Blog, which Posts events, new music, performances, stories and any information that upraises the goals of NuveyLive / NL. If there is an interview with any artist, and news as it happens in the field of our concern. The Blog acts as the news portal in that all events from the community are posted to our daily readers, and announcements from our team are also posted. Since we have Poets who contribute to our content, we post the poems in the Blog Section. And Special Links to New and old music are made available here, since we 87% aim to discover more talent as much as we can and guiding them by writing articles they can use to develop.
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WE also have an online radio / Podcast channel with a show named “Hip Hop Uganda Live ” hosted by NuveySHAWN, which is a form of initiative dedicated to promote the positive values of hip hop and also fighting against the bias society has towards this art form—a global genre—that can help save youths from self destructive acts, if they have nothing constructive to do. This is because of its rich culture that constitutes Dance, Rapping (audio art form), Graffiti (Painting/written art), Turntablism (Deejaying) and Knowledge. So the Show airs every Tuesday at 8 pm and thus features People who are involved in the industry such as the artists, producers, and fans or even Promoters of hip hop.
Podcasts or any other audio from OUR TEAM is free for download by anyone.Hul nuveylive.org

We have room for expansion as our site is still growing; we interact with different people who have views that we aim to respect so as to build a Ugandan brand that is well enough reflective of the content we strive to Promote.
We have a small store that contains T shirts, Caps, Mix Tape CDs that help generate some revenue that we use for the day today activities which include; running the site, and other related activities so as we are able to deliver to our loyal blog readers and podcast listeners.cropped-drinkinrap.jpg

[Achievements, Impact]

  • Managed to attract young artists and visitors who recommend and send us Hip Hop  music, poems and requests to talk about issues that they think are important like Branding an artist.
  • The blog has a good readership from visitors and followers across all our social platforms including the founder’s personal platform.
  • Our podcast / online radio debuted as the first on line Hip Hop podcast and show that attracted listeners last year (2015) between April – November and resumed this year in February as a podcast that any one can download at their own convenience.
  • Being the first platform that is devoted to Hip Hop , spoken word and poetry in one place we have managed to attract and invite Rappers such Lyrical G, St Nelly Sade, The Sphynx and Shemy B among others to discuss a number of issues that include development of the genre (hip hop). The Uniqueness of this is that they are respected artistes in the country and some up and coming
    Shemy @bglobal 12th annual summit. Photo by Daniel Gilbert Bwette

    Shemy @bglobal 12th annual summit. Photo by Daniel Gilbert Bwette

  • Together with Dope Music we managed to attract a number Hip Hop fans from the country for the first #HipHopInvitational – Hip Hop night at Club Gabiro which saw rappers sell their merchandise that is Album CDs, Caps(from Enygma)         wpid-hiphop-invitational-sticker.png.png
  • Our followers and fans try as much as they can to contribute to us because they realized the importance of us documenting Hip Hop, Spoken word and Poetry which keeps us creating more content for them
  • We  are a year old as a blog and yet the feed back we have gotten so far is encouraging this includes invites to events such as video shoots and rap battles.

[Reach, Visibility]

  • We have managed to reach a number of music studios which in most cases breed very good artists and have their content running. For example Portbell Drive Music, we have hosted one of their artists ( Shemy B)
  • The blog attracts readers from the blog community online at least 23 unique visitors out of Uganda in every two days.
  • Our social networks with blog followers combined  is about 1,410 people- reach.


  • We write and handle our content from an academic point of view so as to form an Educated and entertained outcome of everything we include on our blog or podcast.
  • Combining the three genres is not coincidental because they all contain elements within each other where we push more hip hop which as an individual genre is big and yet constitutes part of Poetry. Spoken word is more or less rap and Poetry therefore the triangle is aimed at promoting all these three genre in away that one leads the other.
  • Sometimes reader love to hear from us and the podcast ensures our physical being is felt and appreciated.
  • The blog is basic in each design to make it easy to use on mobile phones, desktop computers and other devices.

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We gladly welcome Partners inform of Advertisers, Donations and Advisors and Business partners so as to make NuveyLive grow and expand, to be that go to website dedicated to Ugandan Hip Hop Culture, Poetry and the related arts.

Contact Us:
Twitter @NuveyLive

You can also contact the Founder;

Ayella NuveySHAWN Robert