For week 14, Blixxack dedicates the project “Her Story” to women and takes the opportunity to comment as he narrates the unfortunate events in a certain woman’s life on a regular day, plus how the actions of three men who rape her affect her family’s life.

“Her Story” is sad, heart breaking and disgusting to encounter the sad reality most women go through in form of rape and other sexual harassment at work, in the streets, in school – just about anywhere. It is pain!

The song starts with a happy family waking up to a day that they hope is normal. A working woman prepares for the day, kisses her husband bye (a sign there is love and joy in this family), she goes about to work where she has a nagging boss. On her way she encounters three men, who rape her taking turns. When the woman’s husband calls her phone he is met with hello we have your wife.

A ransom of one million is communicated, a location for the bag with money to be delivered is given. He withdraws their life’s savings but falls short by 100k. The abductor’s and rapists find out it is not the full amount they let the woman’s husband know that they are going to (Blixxack leaves this to us) – kill her or do something bad one would expect.

This criminal act robs happiness to one family. Our society is rotten is the biggest deduction from “Her Story”. You have to think about all women while listening to it. Men also go through this but it’s the women almost all the time being harrased sexually.

Can we do better? Yes, but first shame on us!


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