Byg Ben Sukuya is “On Top of The World” – Video

Byg Ben Sukuya is “On Top of The World” – Video

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We all have that feeling and moment where we feel everything should be below us. Byg Ben Sukuya with this new visual feels exactly that and he is on top of the world on the Trigganomics produced song.

“On Top of The World” is a celebratory song for Byg Ben S. It is him going off, making it known he is about his business, securing the bag and winning. The scene with him on top of a story building gives the feeling he is up their and running things. Its rap, its that competitive vibe.

Byg Ben is set to release a new album and without saying the single “On Top of The World” communicates his world domination plan at least musically.

His forthcoming album Yvett is personal and dedicated to his sister Yvett who passed on in 2013.

Watch visual below:

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