CMajor The Poet – Redemption mixtape

CMajor The Poet – Redemption mixtape

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2019’s January might be the shortest we have had and while it ran, various artists were dropping new music all through. CMajor The Poet closed January with a mixtape exclusively produced by Trip Smith. CMajor was last year listed among the Uganda Calling Finalists. In a move to prove his abilities he has released Redemption.

The tape opens with a very powerful and uplifting “Alone” reminiscent of Payne Keelah’s “Walk”. The grind is real in this Hip Hop game that can eat one alive. Major lets it known “I am on a road to redemption” and for a minute we might wonder being redeemed from what? When you here the spoken words at the end and the second verse you realise he is coming to terms with the past. This is a personal track and he spews lots of knowledge with the help of Shasha Green on the hook.

Naming yourself after a music note, entails a serious understanding of music – Home is one of the most important tracks on this tape. It allows Major to express both parts of his name. He is musical, eloquent and unpologetically poetic a feat that might be a career prospect. He outdoes himself and enjoys himself with a dope delivery. This realness spans to “Bingi” justifying his ability to create memorable hooks. He further inspires on “Talk”

Men instead of talk, I rather walk

The tape is honest and spot on. Grinding, homecoming, love pervade Redemption. With a kin ear one will notice uniqueness and a experimentation (see “Addiction” ) that is on at certain points and off especially on “Hypnotized”. It comes off short.

Redemption is a quick dive into the musical world of CMajor that deserves an ear ready to be entertained. As a budding rapper there’s room for him to explore and capitalize on his abilities: his rawness, lean voice and razor delivery. I enjoyed this one!

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