Doing Me

With 6 accolades from the Club Music Video awards 2017 Patrobas is pushing far the fruitful project Road to CGOD EP with the new Doing Me video. Being a part of a group/ label  (Dustville) that has broken ground as regards quality and quantity, Doing Me highlights simply what him as a person rather do than to focus on the industry so much.

The video is a collection of various moments, stills and clips showcasing Patrobas on set, performances and chill time and is blended with shots of him – present day and also with his crew. The message is still relevant for him as a person since his career moves are so hideous (not like it shouldn’t) – that he creates waves and goes under the bag to chill.

The track highlights, what he thinks of the industry, what many expect from him but he rather does his thang without the pressure after all his team is winning and his craft is top-tier.


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