Download:New Day by Mickey Solow prod by Emod The Mist ( Audio & Lyrics)

Download:New Day by Mickey Solow prod by Emod The Mist ( Audio & Lyrics)

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The streets keep demanding for more projects to be released. This unannounced or unexpected track has a raw cut which is the area Mickey seems to explore lately. The track is produced by Emod The Mist with the instruments backing Solow‘s sentiments. As he continues his journey as an  emcee he hopes to explore and achieve more an atitude dated from the Panda Remix with the rest of NTM. To boast his ever-growing lyrical dexterity lyrically this one plays that role very well.

New Day Lyrics:

New day, Leaving Bed With The Same Dream In My Head

To Be Broke While I’m Alive, I Rather Be Dead

As Long As I’m Spitting, Hanging Around Studio,

Still Breathing Then These Beats Will Be Dead

When They Try Running They Mouths Everyday

I Tell Them Sshhhhhh Kid Shut The F-Up Or

Boy I’m a Make You Susu In Yo Pants

That’s So Easy Like ADB Shooting Me Hemp huh

Work Hard It Will Pay, That’s What My Papa Said

Aint Shy To Say I Still Stay Where My Mama Stay

Money Comes, Then The Money Goes

But Once You Water All The Seeds That’s When

The Merry Grows Pray N*ggas Get To Follow All Solow Songs

Fuck Stereotypes About My Tats I Never Sold My Soul

Saying ‘Mickey’s Not Hot’ Is Like The Summer

Aint Funny How The Girls That Hate Are The Same I ate


Till I Become A F#cking Boss,

Ima Make Yo Broads Pause On The Pole For My Boys

Too Many Singles, They Familiar With My Voice

Any Rapper I Destroy

Type of Dude Rappers Need To Avoid

Huh Same Dude Reppin’ NTI Rap Good

Reason Why They Still Envy I

Only Hanging With Some Real Hard Working Rap N*ggas

No Bitches Around Thats NBA Please Behave,

I Will Still Behead Any Rapper In This Place That Misbehaves

Lyrikal Bullets I Will Shoot You Like Mperio Murder Caught On Tape

Hommie Wait For The Visual.

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