God Son
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Mwana Weika aka Wake is back with a sizzling God Son and tells us he is a photocopy of the maker and we will watch him copy from the original. Welcome to September in other words spiritually courtesy of Wake!

You already know what time it is – a Wake up call you know! Wake a member of the Potter’s Clay band and an affiliate of Hidden Empire has had a promising journey since last year with tracks like 256, Tinsobola among others keeping him in rotation. He has managed to break the barrier as a spoken word artist and rapper from having fans of the genre(s) to real believers.

God Son is a reminder that Wake can’t mix worldly things with God’s since he is tuned to Jesus T.V.. The track was recorded at Port Bell Drive and produced and mastered by Stone Town and you get to confirm when you here the “twambye” adlib.

Wake has always offered variety and spontaneity as regards what his sound curves too. On this one he raps over a well crafted reggae bit with an interlacing snare drum that reminds us of his hip hop delivery.

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