Gritty “Bad Mind” song samples Bobi Wine: it might be the new Street Anthem

Gritty “Bad Mind” song samples Bobi Wine: it might be the new Street Anthem

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“Bad Mind” is jam packed with new breed of artistes and Flex D’Paper, who enlisted Gaza, TKon, Those That Know (TTK) aka Abamanyi, The Hommie and Kvan for the dancehall charged song. They take the rap to dancehall and trade bars with patois influenced delivery.

“Bad Mind” was produced by Mio Made. The track samples at the beginning Bobi Wine from a clip he made about the difference between being that guy (bad man) and having a negative mind (bad mind).

Bad man and bad mind are two different tings. Cah them two can never match,” Bobi Wine.

The artists build on that concept to celebrate being that guy and shunning bad mind. The song has potential to be the new anthem for the next quarter of the year, a street anthem because of the references and gritty video.

If it was not for the hook this would easily turn into a cypher of sorts. It is a great opportunity for Flex to start cementing his influence and legacy from his Rapaholix street wear and to introducing new talents with Konkrete Jungle. He (as we are told) curated and influenced the outcomes of the song.

“Bad Mind” also works like reintroduction for the artists under Flex’s wing right now to spread their own wings and fly.

Watch video below and let us know what you thing of the song.

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