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Hip Hop for Life! Yes indeed!.

This track off Hip Hop Boot Camp Vol. 4 is like a reboot button for me and for anyone who knows what hip hop has done for them. That is technically what Hip Hop 4 Life presents.

This is an energetic and collaborative track by Hip Hop Boot Camp artists for the 2016 chapter. O. Kreezy, MC Ivy  rap in the Luo dialect (Acholi) & PCY (Lugbara flow)  and  Draei gives it the English hook, Hip Hop 4 Life.

Hip Hop 4 Life is produced by Charlie Pro at  Infinit3 records and video by Grit Motions. The concept of the video to me highlights the important elements of hip hop not limited to Emceeing but also, Turntablism, Break Dancing, Graffiti and Knowledge at large.

Watch Below:

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