Hit Up the Booth

New Music: Nickel Romadhi on ‘Hit Up the Booth’ with Blayze, Le Bard & Wayne Anira

New cats  on the rise each and everyday. You don’t want to miss the space. Clique based music always comes through. If you have your crew and long to change a soundtrack: Hit up the Booth is what you may need.


Hit up the Booth was released two days ago. Features talents: Wayne Anira on the hook,  Le Bard on first verse
Nickel Romadhi on the  second verse  and Blayze on third verse to seal it. It is a feel good track.  The rappers address issues like staying focused and doing things. The booth is like a manufacturing zone of ideas.

The three rappers spit with the notion: “all my crew on a 100… ba’ haters balabe ebiwale [the haters see them] / Watch out for my crew” echoed in their versed; even though Wayne sings these particular line.

Check out the track and find out if it works for you.

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Article written by Ayella

Founder NuveyLive.org. Ayella is a passionate lover of Hip Hop with an expansive knowledge base that keeps growing. Lover, Poet and techie

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