It All started With a Redifinition:7 Months After Baru is making Hits

It All started With  a Redifinition:7 Months After Baru is making Hits

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I have to confess am among the few or many people who loved Redefinitions Project. As am writing this i play my game changer Ninja-C’s verse. And well she was the only female out of the 13 artists and more(beat was free to any one)though 13 were officially recognized.

#Redefinitions originally was to be a beat EP and well the gods made Baru change his mind to involve artists which he chose carefully to jump on the 1:36s (one minute and thirty-six seconds) beat. The rules included maintaining the beat’s feel.

The project was a typical hip hop project judging from the clear bang of the 808’s i must say i fall in love with. The Redefinitions verses included Enygma, Ruyonga,Pryce Teeba,Ninja C(as i said only female on it),Tucker HD, Pif Ug,Patrobas,Abaasar,Jimi Atoms,Timothy Code, Play01 & more.

After Redefinitions What Happened?
BaruBeatz made hits and is still doing so. The EP was released early this year and it set a pace for us as we anticipated material from Dustvilles own-Baru aka Amanya Frank. He worked on Rruu by Ruyonga and made contributions on #GloryFire Album.


What about Side Ze eno.?
Of course Baru Produced Side Zeno for Pryce Teeba a luga flow artist from Dustville Records. THE SONG IS A CLUB BANGER at least many will confess. It is packaged with a new school feel and obviously the kids Love it.
Winners circle, Which features APAAS , Ivory Namara and Atlas off Rudeboy Music album is another Baru Made it Project.

Not to forget the intro on The Rude Boy Music Album.
Ooh and yes Kambajulire Pryce’s mixtape slated for later on this year with tracks like #SidZeEno its obvious Baru is cooking.


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