Hello Bugolobi!

Bandali for the young and free, like to party?

When Jay Arc said he is back in the studio, last year he meant every word. “Bandali” is the latest from him featuring singer Martha Smallz.

Bandali is an actual place in Bugolobi, a street that breathes urban life, funk and happening in all essence. Bugolobi is a sub-urban/urban area in Kampala that is host to many party goers, “Bandali” was produced and recorded at a time (2020) Covid 19 had put so many things at a stand still especially the bars, hangouts that Bandali is home to.

Now that the economy is open, the party-groove themed song withy heavy bass, works to serve the purpose: make you nod your head.

Just so you know, there is a number of young generation rappers (Mark Mink, CDave Honcho, Kavali and others) who hail or have links to Bandali. The project produced by DJ Slugface allow Jay to comment on the Kampala urban scene from the eyes of a youth in Bandali, Bugolobi.

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