Listen to ’71M3 OU7′, a Tucker Hd & Play01 collaboration

Listen to ’71M3 OU7′, a Tucker Hd & Play01  collaboration

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The rap radar has been hoping for a sonic from Tucker HD who plots on the low always. It is only humble to say he is back in Calm Before The Storm style  with 71m3 OU7 pronounced as Time Out, and teams up with Play01 on a Rey Macc production.

71M3 OU7 samples Tamaale Mirundi on one controversial incidence he had earlier this year on air with NBS’ presenter, Mr. Simon Muyanga. The sentiment is offered through it – the two are aiming at lyrical slaps. The two deliver in back to back format as they demonstrate the lyrical dexterity they posses.

Cinematic as it gets it is a serious snippet from what we should expect from the “been too silent” Tucker. Play01 and Tucker  are comfortable on this one. This is certainly the collaboration many must have dreamed of with  memorable lines like: “This is not a song,  it’s a funeral  for the dearly deceased“, raps  Play01.

If you remember the Burn Tucker, this a more mature one. Listen to Time Out / 71M3 OU7 below:

[ [download id=”4202″] ]


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