Massacre House Cypher
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Massacre House presents the Massacre House Cypher! It is about delivery bars

It is energizing to see young and budding rappers embrace posse cuts and cyphers. The Massacre Cypher is here and it should be upon us. The future of Ugandan hip hop on this cypher will get you feeling like hey! – This is UG Hip Hop.

In the order of performance; The Massacre House Cypher is opened by Fever who does his thing. Keinoh, Truth, JK Lubanto (the only luga flow rapper on this one), Misfit resurfaces on this one (always eloquent with the code switching in English and Swahili). The TBT rapper Rodney now Radney is on this one and his Hidden Empire colleague, Barna closes this one off like a seal team.

Each of the rappers on this cypher has a number of projects debuted already and so they should be familiar to you- if not this cypher is yet another reintroduction. The Massacre Cypher exclusively made of rappers likely as old as 26 and they are all from the 256.

You won’t leave this one without some quotable from your favorite rapper. The conversation of who killed it will be left to you. Leave thoughts in the comment box!



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