New Bantu Clan, ‘Kapanka’ – Acknowledges Need for Hardwork

New Bantu Clan, ‘Kapanka’ – Acknowledges Need for Hardwork

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Kapanka is the newest single from Bantu Clan. It follows Dance With Me a more groovy tune from the Band. They featured Maro an RNB artist. Kapanka is yet a reintroduction of the conscious appeal that Bantu Clan always strives to put forward. Similar to Brooks, being conscious for Bantu Clan is empowering.

The song is inspired  by a Busoga folklore Kapanka.

Labeling rappers / rap bands as conscious is not normally ideal. But Kapanka says more than that. It is a high sense of consciousness of the environment and time we live in now. A time of extremism, poverty, information and disillusion  for instance (insert any name) and the recent reference to the President as a pair of  buns (for reasons you know we wouldn’t type the original)

Bantu Clan work closely with  Jude Mugerwa and assisted by  Giovanni Kiyingi who does the percussion on this one. The song is a huge step in incorporating the traditional instruments especially the fiddle with modern instruments. Chimey takes center stage while delivery the bars in Lusoga  and assisted by vocals on the hook by the band.

Information from Bantu Clan about the song states that; this song aims at uplifting and creating a sense of unity among Ugandans. Hard work and consciousness surround this song. Below is the detail about Kapanka from Bantu Clan:

The song comes in a time where our generation is mentally enslaved and never want  to work anymore yet our ancestors earned from hardworking, Even some of our parents have not given us a sense of direction because all they care about is getting drank and claiming that the children will earn there own living but then how do you expect a child to cultivate the land if you as a parent didn’t give him a core foundation.

The song rallies us to unite together and groom our children and nation at large to kick away the highly rising rate of poverty.

“Ancient culture modern solutions” The song is inspired by the rising rate of unemployed youth, high poverty levels, Poor parenting, generational disconnection and the hook is derived from a folklore song #Kapanka from Busoga and it was produced entirely live.

The song comes off as a vivid observation of the society the artists have likely lived in or heard about.

DOWNLOAD ‘Kapanka’ Here

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