New music: “Wandibaddewo” a tribute song to Mulekwa – kaliba ft. Nikoly, L2G, Empiso & Shemy B

Towards the end of the year 2018 hip hop fans and the entire UG hip hop community was saddened by the sudden news of the death of rapper Mulekwa. It was a dark moment hearing of his passing. Earlier this year a tribute concert was organized to celebrate his legacy and work at large.


The fallen rapper was a Luganda rapper known for his witty lyrics and bizzare topics often times and being outspoken on the purity of rap and Ug hip hop Unity.

Rapper kaliba (an offspring of Abenganda Clan) together with Nikoly, Shemy B and L2G have released a tribute track; “Wandibaddewo” dedicated to the rapper who reportedly succumbed to cancer last year December. Alz handles the production to the song.

In the song homage is paid to another fallen hip hop activist Rokym(R.I.P) who passed years earlier. He was one of the cofounders of the rap outfit Abenganda Clan together with Mulekwa (R.I.p) – the pillars he stood for and disheartening truth of his physical abscence also get talked about.

Listen to the track here / Download here



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