October EP – The Third, first listen impression

October EP – The Third, first listen impression

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We all have to agree that October is our hip hop month! So many major moves have been made and projects dropped. Shout out Play01, Flex D’Paper and others.

Add to your list, this October EP. Let me restate it again: add the October EP from The Third in hope of maybe a November or December EP. Third uploaded his four tracks EP online on 27th October free for download; having released Fire as a lead single.

The Third is a member of Tempo Music which comprises of talents like Ledra and MAFB.

The EP is a very sneaky and quick project and, besides it being an EP it is too short. Not a compliant – it is too short that you realise it is done as soon as you start listening. Enjoyable it is but leaves a yearning due to its articulate brevity.

Black Joker Free Style opens the project and you realise its’ about establishing the newbie into our minds and playlists. It’s really about pushing the brand; The Third.

One wonders why Scrum wasn’t added but hey this EP is for October as he actually says on Black Joker and it seems he planned to have new music for us in October – likely recorded in October.

I just treat the gift of God as a curse.

Outkast, sentiments of being special and yet alienated pervade this EP. This isn’t a concept project with a story line as such it is simply: Hey I am The Third and I am dope by the way. The thrill of obtaining certain material things also comes but staying unique means perfecting skill – “This ain’t my first rodeo/ I came to run this b*tch like a gadoid …

Me I been tryna pull love out of hate

Fire is a typical radio joint (I hate to say it) because it is a production feat designed for straight club heat. A description of this EP from his Audiomack suggests he hopes to shift from the traditional hip hop sound.

MAFB brings forth that RnB feel to the song whose approach is a whole great mixture of dancehall, EDM vibes. This track is not for deep listeners and yet you ought to pay attention to The Third – he has vividness after all. It’s a party joint.

Now, I Love Rodney isn’t a love song and he queries us on what we thought it was. The EP drops its steam right there and you feel like: Enter Kanye West – I miss the old Kanye. What this implies is; Third is alluding to himself on the same project  as the American rapper did to solidify  a sense of transformation.

We haven’t listened to so much old or new Rodney and thus the trick works on the EP level from track to track.

Certainly Third’s influences stretch from Andre 3000 and Kanye. I Love Rodney; does wrap up the EP in a capella – and that’s when I chopped a wire, I still wanted more. Was enjoying the project and BAM it’s done. Anyway that is what makes it an EP.

I noticed The Third offered us this project as a gesture of introduction. Hopefully he will secure a fan base with this project. He gave it a snappy direction that you will anticipate or rather want to do some background check.

October EP offers a variety of rap styles, sounds and inspirations from The Third. I Love Rodney; sort of moves us from the sound right now to the basic of rap – just the voice.

Well I had listened to the project and moments later got a message from him explaining what the project was meant for and it is not far from my first listen:

The tape takes on the transformation from a freestyle rapper to a musician.
The thought process was trying to portray different emotions about how my life is looking like now.
One of the songs named “Fire” is just party music. Something for the radio.
There you have it!

I am rewinding the project just in case I missed something.


Download October EP

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