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Pallaso was interviewed by MC Kats on NBS After five and he had a lot to share about his life, the latest project and more.

Pallaso told Kats when asked about what makes his writing tick: I was influenced by Hip Hop and hip hop is deep. Pallaso went ahead to say he met Don Mc Kapata at Wave Lounge and he was a huge fan of his. From there Don told Pallaso they should work on something together.

Pallaso also said, ” I was a huge fan of his and yet he was equally a fan of his”.

To collaborate this story: Don Mc also on the same show said that he hit up Pallaso who loved the beat that was sent to him. When it came to the making of the song they spat off the dome and built while writing.

Kapata is currently in London. Watch their new project together below:

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