Premiere: Big Tril’s “Boda Bodas and Guns” comments on the senseless violence & Uganda’s broken system

For God and My Country, Big Tril opens up his self produced Boda Bodas and Guns. Instantly you are welcome to the 256 and the truth he spews is about the recent senseless violence in Uganda, the killings, the rampant and unjustified taxes.


Uganda has a high-level of institutional corruption and Tril offers his reality, how he sees it is how he tells it.

The Boda Boda has become a symbol that is complete with a gun: to indicate assassinations, kidnapping, hit and run operations. The absurdity that follows is left on the public as we keep watching and getting no solutions – Boda Bodas and Guns is exactly all the above.

The song is still a call for change and hope. Big Tril for a while was exploring the Afro-beat-rap soundscape and many more fans of the Kaiza they knew and thought he had sold out: this is to confirm his ear to the ground as an artist while doing whatever he likes.

Like he says, he is not here to spread propaganda, he is here to tell us what happens in Uganda.

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Article written by Ayella

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