Premiere: STRAP is back with “Uncle Strap”, a young OG vibe

Premiere: STRAP is back with “Uncle Strap”, a young OG vibe

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If you remember track two of Drinks and Conversation (2016) then you know he’s back. STRAP really hasn’t gone so long as such but Uncle Strap brings a nostalgia that we were about to start feeling. This is a lyrical show if you like. You won’t miss a STRAP without biblical, film or political references at all-ain’t that the way of a young OG?

Blurry to the mind that isn’t lyrically inclined – raps STRAP

STRAP recently turned 3o and he definitely is crossing the bridge to OG status. For now the young OG aka Young Elder (as he likes to call himself) is busy working on projects which we likely might be surprised when they are out. He didn’t do so much buzz for Uncle Strap and last night it was dropped.

He recalls Ayodlo for the production. A pure nostalgic vintage organ is laced all over the track with smilar clored synths over a boom bap drum pattern. This certifies why rapped am 80’s baby and a 90’s son on hope. Honestly speaking Drinks and Conversation or lets say whatever is in STRAP’s catalogue is bars and knowledge for days.

Ain’ no wack emcee finna tangle with me – raps STRAP

Year to year he keeps dropping music and albums eventually; Uncle STRAP brings us an emcee hoping to better himself and hoping not to be bothered about what he chooses to do with his craft. Since is back in the mix like he never left, this might be a hint on what his next album might be like because he says on the track it is time to read between the lines.

Could it be on this track alone or more? Besides he admits to writing rhymes for forty days and nights – to us this might be a busy STRAP working on an album.

Listen To STRAP he is back in our mix and extremely vocal on this one.

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