About Sliq Teq’s Glory ft KSL and the culture of Underrating

About Sliq Teq’s Glory ft KSL and the culture of Underrating

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Glory B! The puzzle is finally complete! I told myself after listening to the track. I listened with a presupposition that The Tribe had put forward of a possible beef. It is funny how on the track Sliq Teq says: “Beef, I eat it up with a toothpick on the side of the plate…” I got confused once again and the puzzle got messy.

Mixed reactions from here and there have escalated; some sending shots at Sliq and others to The Tribe. First those against the idea of beef said things like: “You will never make it” at Sliq on their social media. Those who attacked the tribe raised a rather important point: Sliq has been underrated for long by several media.


Bust the bubble already!

I will but first about Glory  – is a collaboration by General Ojiitah aka Sliq Teq and KSL: It is definitely a song meant to air out issues especially to do with success and fame. Simon Elly, Law Raid and Sliq himself took part on the production.

You can hear devastation and recovery from two rappers who choose now to go a head rather than waste time going backwards with bad blood.

Of course embedded deep in the lines is a temperament that can be traced to Sliq being underrated or not listened to by certain websites (he mentioned on Episode 20) and they rather listen to his crew members especially Pryce Teeba.  But that isn’t even the point of it all. He has been wondering what is wrong with his work?

We can’t call Glory a diss-track as such,  it is more like a forewarning. An outlet for the wrongs done and a chance to bring forward an issue so intricate that we need to follow Sliq Teq’s journey as well.

According to him: there isn’t beef but  it doesn’t mean there isn’t an issue though (oxymoron any one?). Which now has to take us to the general appeal and then inspiration. Sliq got together with KSL to make a song about being down looked upon by your closest. How you survive it is the gist – by focusing on your craft and being true to self.

How beef comes into the question is hopefully a mystery! This might be too much hype all of a sudden when Teq has been on the low doing projects.  Is Sliq Teq so desperate? May be that will be another post.

If you have listened to Glory already, please re-listen to it and any other work of Sliq and you will know he is a temperament person – it is possible he got bad blood.

But, the only time something is close to tagging  Pryce is when KSL mentions “you can be taken out for the right price“. But this is just a homophone,  are you with me?

By the time this piece was worded Pryce hadn’t responded to us for a word or two.

To relate the song to half the title of this post: we have a high culture of underrating which often comes subconsciously and consciously.

Some people shut their ear for certain artists others just don’t want to know.

If you listened to Love Ma Job by Sliq Teq, the first verse he speaks of those who never gave a f**k or two. He also addresses those telling artists what to do. When I interviewed him on Episode 20 he narrowly spoke about the challenges he has faced. He has followed procedures of submitting music to different sites and they don’t get back to him and yet Pryce gets it quick.

NOTE: The time we had this episode recorded we were at Mona House, the same studio Pryce and the rest of NTM were at that time present.

Ideally; this coupled with the recent song only tells you Sliq Teq is being vocal about what he feels. He has been sidelined by many and to sound like one reveller up there,  want a buzz now when is fairly getting it.

Multi talented is what Sliq Teq is and has done several production, graphics and rap feats for NTM and other artists.  Glory is no different from other tracks by Sliq where he gets loud to address industry related issues.

I spoke to him earlier today and he said the track is straight forward. To say beef is to make it sound larger done the lifeline that inspired the lyrics.

Sliq Teq has been around  and hasn’t got the best coverage necessary given his skill set. One person posted that instead Sliq will never be a rapper and he should stick to making beats. These mixed reactions are the best sentiments to help us get the bigger picture.

Sliq Teq isn’t the only underrated hip hop acts of his time there  are others like him. I could tell you Llyboc is so underrated or has always been – given certain incidences the story will be flipped on him.

Is it possible we are blocking our own artists from making it? KSL made Fools Glory a while back talking of the myopic view of life  and him Jumping on Glory certainly means he wished to offer achievements based from hard work.

If we underrate (down look, block) our own who are we? Are we aiming for a fools glory?

Sliq Has a new project;   Trap House Memoirs EP out and Glory is off his forthcoming project General Ojiitah. Do you know  why it is called  General Ojiitah? Pryce Teeba gave Sliq Teq that name or rank and if there is beef then it is somewhat a confusing notion. Listen to the interview with Sliq to find out.

Download/Listen to Glory Below:

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