Sliq Teq releases ‘Trap House Memoirs’

Trap House Memoirs

Sliq Teq has released Trap House Memoirs. As the title suggests its is a collection of recollections on various subjects including the universal emotion: love.

The EP is a collection of six tracks ( 20 minutes listen).  He switches between topics on this project like loving your job, being a caring gentleman to a spouse.  A word of encouragement here and there, the strive of life, women, money and more.

TrapHouse Memoirs
official Trap House Memoirs EP artwork

As he is preparing General Ojiitah, Trap House Memoirs is a taste of what Sliq Teq can offer. More still he wishes to express consciousness with a trap feel and approach. The project is yet one to see him step further like track Step Further on the EP suggests.

Guest appearances stretch from Rugged, Rwiza, Caution and B. Steezy.  The official tracklist is 01 Don’t Know, 02 Hair Down, 03 Love Ma Job, 04 Lutalo, 05Step Further and  06 UP . As  a listener you notice the randomness of the project and yet it is coupled with precision.

[download id=”4502″] (23mbs)

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