Songs for Mama from Luganda XLZ and MC Warid – Happy Mother’s day

Songs for Mama from Luganda XLZ and MC Warid – Happy Mother’s day

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Our mothers are valuable, everything in this life. Today 10 May as we all celebrate our mothers, I sat back and checked in my crates, searching for that one song I can send to my mothers to celebrate them regardless. The world is under lockdown here and there due to the Lockdown but we all try to make everything workout.

I listened to “Family Ties” by AJO as he raps about family, hardships, and a reference to his mother (RIP) – the weight off his shoulder was laid out. It’s sad and painful to hear.

On a lighter note, I landed on MC Warid’s “Mama” a song that celebrates mothers. He released it back in 2018. I played it twice and added it to the list and moved on to search for more music. Mothers are important, they gave and give birth to us.

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In a folder I labeled Port Bell Drive, I found the gem, “Mama Let’s Talk” – a song by Luganda XLZ featuring Nemesis. XLZ raps in both Luganda and English with an English sang hook by Nemesis. Soothing it is! In contrast with AJO’s “Family Ties” this track is a lighter and version of songs about family. They both use the Nase Avatar and Mio Made produced beat off the album Telling My Story.

If you have other songs that are perfect to dedicate to all mothers deceased and living comment below and we shall add them here.

Happy Mother’s day!

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