“So Severe has been like a big brother since day one” – Blixxack

“So Severe has been like a big brother since day one” – Blixxack

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In a recent interview with Blixxack, he revealed how So Severe had a great influence on him and how he is like a big brother. He said that his raps don’t limit him to just braggadocio but also other themes.

Blixxack: I do like participate in rap challenges. But in this instance, this was more of me challenging myself. The mixtape was unplanned, I just decided to give myself 7 days and spaz out. On the song Last Born Sinner, when I said “I don’t see no mc challenge,” I was just saying when I get in my zone, I don’t see challengers on the mic. You know how it gets with braggadocio rap.

Ayella: I know. Even in your braggadocio you take time to pay homage to So Severe my big brother too. Tell me, the story here

Benny Black and So Severe

Blixxack: It can’t be all brag rap, that gets boring real quick. So Severe has been like a big brother since day one. Not just music-wise, just everyday life. We have been through a lot of life experiences together and have a lot of things in common that many people don’t know about. Seeing that he recently graduated and I wasn’t present to congratulate him, the next best thing for a gift was a song. And “Big Brother” is one Kanye made for his “big bro” Jay Z, so it was only right I did it justice to talk about mine on it.

So Severe

Blixxack has a new mixtape out. Read full interview here

NOTE: Severe is among the influential people within UG Hip Hop, of his generation.

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