Spoken Word – Chase & Status Ft George The Poet (Review)

Spoken Word – Chase & Status Ft George The Poet (Review)

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George The Poet has had a number of remarkable projects under his belt like his debut song; My City and others such as Search Party Ep (released Last Year). I never cease to like Georges constant experimentation for example the approach he puts on  Fit to Lead (spoken word Prod by Mike256), My City, Search Party and other tracks. On Spoken Word produced by Chase & Status, he gives the reasons or rather emphasizes the need for every one to be free to feel good. He refers to spoken word as the The feeling of freedom and healing the bleeding.Life isn't rosy

I believe in the meaning of spoken word
The feeling of freedom and healing the bleeding
In need of a reason, I wrote this verse
Yo, I hope this works

As expected George chooses to encourage every one to feel good and gives contrasts of weakness and strength. When you pay attention to the visual the message resonates more. The sound is pure pop and RnB with verses delivered  in Spoken word it pierces direct if you pay attention. He has this priceless way of speaking spoken word.

Being strong feels exactly the same as being weak
The difference is you don’t quit
Not until you reach the peak

He one time said music should have a purpose (George The Poet on Why music Should be Educational) and with Spoken Word its entertainment for education and empowerment of others. He manges to do that. In away to feel good as the sampled hook  by Rozalla suggests you need to speak up or tell your story or live it and fight for it, thus free to fell good.

I believe in the mean of the spoken word
It’s more than a speech to speak
It’s what I feel when I’m sitting in your presence
The answers are written in your essence
It’s all a test to see if you’re made for it
But best believe it’s your claim on it
Cause you’ve got a destiny with your name on it

storyLife is given purpose if you appreciate, George seems to put it and life isn’t that rosy but we live to live through it.

You’re gonna go through things you don’t deserve
And it’s gonna hurt like an open nerve
So just know your soul’s as old as Earth
And whatever you do, don’t be told its worth

The sound is put together properly by the “…English electronic music production duo…”Wikipedia Chase and Status. The experimentation is perfect as well and meaning is emphasized by the visual. It’s best to say good Job George!

Download : Spoken Word Here

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Lyrics Source : Genius


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