You'll Blame Me
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MAFB is  has released his   new track You’ll Blame Me’ for the new month August, today. The Tempo Music associate/artist earlier on this year worked with Ledra for his single Everything. On You’ll Blame Me; Ledra offers production as a producer and has MAFB rap and sing about a disgruntled lover.

According to his camp the inspiration is based on true events that he worked around.

In the song,he talks about the complete distrust of a promiscuous [lover] and her cruel intentions.

“……everything starts with a little truth then I spin my webs around it,sometimes I spin completely away from it.But the point is,I don’t start with nothing”. — MAFB

You’ll Blame Me solely relies on MAFB’s singing abilities and raps come in smoothly making him aim for a crossover effect with this track.

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