Top 10 hiphop in fussion songs: Number 2 is a shocker

Top 10 hiphop in fussion songs: Number 2 is a shocker

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I can tell the look on your face right now if you are wondering what i mea

n or what exactly is the sense of this feature. Well buckle up and follow the music now.

Honestly coming up with this list wasnt somewhat easy because i sat down to listen , re listen and so on doing the same thing just to come up with a list of hiphop songs fussed with other genres. You could say songs that sound less hiphop not untill you recognise a rapper rapping to the song. You can call it an artist suffocation of rap in different songs out there.

The list is arranged in asecending order.

1-Crashing by Amaru ft Ruyonga
Versatility is the goal and well at number one Its this song Crashing that is highly accoustic from the first phone that sounds. Ruyonga’s presence is almost not felt(and yet he still delivers however).

2-Jujju by Enygma
He once spoke of not cruding or something like that however his attempt to play with different sounds on this one he nails the song Jujju. Its in this position for having a dance , electric pop and yet still hip hop sound.

3-You by Essie ft Code
If you listened to the song you know why. Its a 2014 track but still is relevant for the matter here. The employment of percussions works miracles. And the soul ful voice of Essie laced with Codes’ lyrics puts it here.3

4-Sumo by Big Tril ft Ujay
Just like You the employment of percussions on the beat suffocates the usual 808s we face in hard core hiphop songs. Here Big Tril is on a chill and yet makes it on point with singing and rappin approach.

5-Work it by Navio ft Dr Sid
This entry almost made a tire with Sumo according to my ears however i relistened slowly again and had to settle with number 5. West African Drums are employed and then comes in the usual pop sound but 70% of Navio is Rapping.

6-You and I by St Nelly Sade ft Ronnie
This entry technically changes the versatility strand. Nelly sade teams up with Ronnie on a purely reaggea beat to make up you and I. The known lyricist, St Nelly Sade steps out of his usual sound on this one as he raps we get a melodic sound from ronnie.

7-Mbamalawo by Navio
From reaggea we then have to acknowledge that the sound is rotating to its origins. On this one Navio defies the walls of being stuck to one meal and so proves his versatilty with this dancehall hiphop vibe which is a success-explains why its on the list.

8-Enter the Ring by Code ft APass
This too was almost a tire with number seven. However the criteria i  used to scale it to this number is based known to me. Kidding ! Well Code revolved on this one with dance hall star APaas. Its a 2014 track and stil fits the position.

9-Ntinda boy by Paid In Full Ug
The duo PIF who are well known for their RnHop signature sound on this one team to make Ntinda boy which adds to our list traditional instruments from the country which dominate all through with their spittin it even gets better.

Because of Ntnda boy Empisa by Ruyonga ft St Nelly Sade and Nandujja majestically make it to the list. Reason is simple, the employment of traditional drums make it a real Africa hiphop song. So its a bonus.


10-Ziva Muntuuyo by Sylvester Kabombo
Traditionally speaking this last entry is actually powerfull. The continued use of traditional instruments and the rapping in luganda makes this a perfect Uga Flow truck. This is one of the tracks that one can use to refference when defining Ugandan hiphop.

The Rack
When you get this very list and follow it from 10-1 you will get a feeling that only a real ear knows. You will notice the intension i had to try dissaminate by identifying songs that have been fused with other genres, try and define our Ugandan Hiphop. MY list is open for editing if you dont think its on point.


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