Wake on Brandnew ‘256’-Without yoU there is NO Uganda

Wake on Brandnew ‘256’-Without yoU there is NO Uganda

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256 is the area Code! Finally Wake has made 256 available online other wise we would still be mad with this wise young intelligent fellow. 256 which is actually a poem by Wake (spoken word artist & rapper) at events such as Kelele at Makerere and the celebrated Milege. Always a moving piece from him and it’s what S.T.R.A.P would call – kickin’ knaledge!

Word for word and syllable for syllable Wake goes so intricate. Our team has a number of times been his audience whenever he performs and we notice this wordplay so well. But having the audio ringing more in your ear brings out the beauty of his well thought rhyme.

He opens the poem with the following lines: “When I take the lead off my pen,/ Do not expect me to shut my beak [Bic]/ I may not be nice but I surely stay clear when I speak/  And speaking of speak [Speke],/ Most of these youths still have a whole life to discover /Regardless what John Speke, spoke ” You have to be patient to let these words sink in. This play on Bic a Kenyan pen company, John Speke one of the first explorers in Uganda. Any proud Ugandan has to recognise this immediately even when you don’t let it seek in.

Listening to this poem has to be between the lines and in between the different syllables. 256 is a country code for Uganda for our foreign audience, its popular and giving it as the title alerts your mind subconsciously. He explores topic many young artist might not exhaust properly or rarely explore like Child Mortality, Culture, Role of Media and racial influences that affect Africa and Ugandans at large. It’s no coincidence, Wake is part / affiliate of The Hidden Empire (Christian musical outfit / label) headed by Ruyonga and a member of Potters Clay

Without you there is no uganda!

The title was not misleading at all. To be honest this poem  should be sparking debates or having the barber shop come to life again like the time Ug Cypher 2 was to debut.  Before his concluding remarks he says; ” We need you to properly spell, Uganda/ Without you it’s just,/ ‘ganda and propaganda/ We need you cause it all starts with you in Uganda.” Every time he hits this mark during performances and now that audio is out we wish to rewind. This is a call to every one who treasures their country. The same way the schools need yoU is the same way they need yoU.

Would love to continUe but this will become quite a lengthy post, so stick around for yet another annotation. The U’s are not by mistake they are in bold this article!

listen to ‘256’ – wake


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