Known for his lyrical prowess and raw content AJO a rapper based in kampala with Kumi running in his blood woke up today to share a message that most artists need to acknowledge.

The kamikaze singer came out to say that there are artist who hope to force every one into liking their music and forget criticism is a natural thing to happen to any ones art.

One grieve mistake we make as music Artists is
the belief that our music has to be loved by
default. I see alot of my comrades get so
personal and trigger happy whenever a
negative comment is made about their music,
we aint Gods that means we cant make
uncritisizable music, add also ive seen my
comrades force people to love their music by
mere fact that they are music artists being the
reason, this is so immature and illogical, just
do yo best and let it ressonate with the
audience thats the only way to go about it.
# AjoThursday


AJO currently working on his EP dubbed No Apologies.

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