Beck UG retires with final album: The Borrower

Beck UG retires with final album: The Borrower

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Beck UG is a Ugandan song writer, rapper,singer and music producer who started recording his music in 2017. The artist has however decided to put an end to his music career to seek greener pastures elsewhere. He recently released his album on January 13th,2023 called The Borrower which comprises of songs like ‘Nze Ani’, ‘Victoria Nalubaale’, ‘Antidote’, ‘Cheers to the One’ and many others.

On 2nd Jan, Beck UG put out a tweet that expressed his plan to quit music after a long 6 years of recording.

Am officially quitting music after this song It’s been a long overdue decision that I’ve made, hopefully if I ever feel like it’s worth coming back I’ll be able to deliver, for now sliànte to the good old days

Tweeted Beck

He bid his fans farewell in yet another tweet on 14th Jan which read, “It’s been a ride guys. Thanks for cheering me on my ninjas. This is my last song for now.”

It is common for people in the music industry to eventually retire but this is usually when they hit a certain age or stage in their lives. So the big question is, is it too early for Beck to retire at his young career seeing that heis only in his mid 20s.

An example is Lil Wayne who had plans to retire by age 35, he shared in an interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez in 2011 as per XXL Higher Level Radio but never did.

However,the thing about retirement is that it is very possible for the artists to unretire and come back to the music scene. For example Jay-Z and Lil Wayne who announced their intentions to quit but still make songs and appearances in the public eye showcasing their talents.

Is it possible that Beck will reconsider his retirement in the near future? Maybe, maybe not.

Benezeri who had enormous success if you ask me also quit the game as an active artist and got behind the scenes to found The Clan Company still connected to music..

Beck has shown interest in other fields like tourism and photography. He has shown his fans a glimpse of that on his Facebook page @BeckUG where they get to see other parts of the country through his lens. Who knows what’s next for the lad?

Some think he might be tricking to get listening. Retirement shouldn’t be looked at negatively. People retire in every field and also come back later. It is an opportunity to reevaluate things.

He final album The Borrower was released on 13 January, 2023. It is like Beck is grateful or not but has to return this gift like a person who borrows something.

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