Tim Darsh presents A Mobb Quiet Storm mixtape

Tim Darsh presents A Mobb Quiet Storm mixtape

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Ugandan hip hop has greatly evolved over the years. The industry is now filled with very many talented artistes who have gone on to establish themselves and their different styles. As a result the diversity in the industry is breath taking. One of the artistes that is on his path to establish himself is Tim Darsh.

Known professionally in the industry as Tim Darsh, Emmanuel Obua is a Ugandan hip hop artiste producer, battle MC and cinematographer. Tim Darsh was born and raised between Kampala and Lira in Northern Uganda. As an Acholi from Northern Uganda, he has established himself as such in the industry, with majority of his songs being in his native Acholi language. His talent and uniqueness always shines through his songs with their amazing beats and his beautiful lyrics.

Early this year, Tim Darsh released his album, A Mobb Quiet Storm. The album accentuates his identity as the songs are in the Acholi language. The album features songs like Yengi, Abim, Spice, Winyi, Kwo Mit, Fearless, Kin Ping and North Ug. Abim and North Ug were both produced by Bookey.

In his song North Ug, he generally talks about where he is from and how much hard work and faith in himself it took for him to make it. He goes on to say that very many people did not believe in him, but he struggled to make it and prove them wrong. He also talks about other legends from northern Uganda that have been successful like John Akibua.

A Mobb Quiet Storm is a powerful mixtape, especially because it emphasizes how much Ugandan hip hop has evolved, how diverse the industry is and how proud Ugandan artistes are of their identity. Tim Darsh is indeed a talented artiste that should not be taken for granted.

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