Blixxack drops “Royale With Cheese” feat. Tucker HD

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Blixxack and Tucker HD are unofficially a duo we like to call Crucial Combination. The two have offered UG some of the finest songs that we quote, sing along and dance to. They are back with an expensive taste on “Royale With Cheese”.

On R.W.C, Blixxack talks having love for the game and that he is back on his sh*t. He also reminds us; that he is the rapper’s rapper and in fact tutor. Tucker HD gets creative for the paper and has no time for people paying him in favours. More still Tucker sends a shout, “…been hard since Nuvey,…”

The two, express their loyalty to the game and friendship. This track is also a royalty statement and demand for the creatives to be respected.

Both Blixxack and Tucker chronicle their growth and determination to work so hard towards where they are going and ought to be. The project was produced by AnyWayWell Beats and engineered by Samurae.

Stream “Royale With Cheese” exclusively here

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