Blixxack says “there’s only one Simba” on new track

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Blixxack is back on his Benny Black State of Mind, and he is heard rapping ” I had to bring Benny Black for this one“. He reminds us of the Benny Black we knew at the start of his career, the come up and now.

“Only One Simba” is a track that Blixxack uses to reaffirm his interest in the crown that isn’t vacant and that he is the only Simba the other rappers are lying lions (entendre ladies and gentlemen!).

Earlier this year, Blixxack released his debut album and he reminds his contenders of the fact and he fires subliminals that we think are hypothetical or are shots addressing someone.

For the initial Benny-Bars fans this is one for you, like “The Proem” and “Alchemy”, with a steady word play.

Stream this new Benny Black Blixxack below:

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